Have you ever made a sexual advance toward your wife only to have her reject you? I don't know a man who hasn't experienced this. There a number of reasons why this might happen. She may be tired. It could that she isn't feeling well. Perhaps she is feels that you only want her for sex.It may be that she didn't understand that you wanted to be sexual because you didn't communicate it to her. Maybe she has shut down due to your being angry towards her.
As a Christian man how do react in these times. Do you get angry and storm out of the room? Do you shut down and not talk to her? Many times we will use the rejection as an opportunity to act out sexually. More often this will involve using masturbation or pornography.We can't rationalize our sin. You are still responsible for your actions. You are under God's authority not your own.
The next time you feel rejected by your wife hang in there and work through it with her.Don't use it as an excuse to sin. Tell yourself you are not going to masturbate or look at pornography. Ask God to give you strength to withstand the desire to sin. For many of us this will be a significant key to winning the battle with sexual sin. It is called taking personal responsibility. 

May God be with you



Sam W
08/06/2013 16:55

Many thanks to Tom. His guidance and wisdom saved my marriage
He is truly a true believer of Jesus Christ. He uses God's word as his
guidebook. However, his advice can only work in someone's life if
they chose to submit to the Holy Spirit, admit and repent of their sexual sin.

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